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This will be me rambling about my not so perfect life in a world of perfectionism



Do not be afraid to be different

Funny isn’t it. how sometimes your own advice should be listed by yourself. Ever since I was younger, I used to give advice to everyone around me, but then when it came to myself, I did the opposite. now I am not sure if this has anything to do with ignorance, but I preferred people to be happy expecting me to be the same after. Yet, you probably guessed that this never happened.

My life has been rough these couple of years because I made myself feel isolated, locked up and empty. Why though? I know that people reading this have probably experienced something similar to (if you have not then give me the recipe to a fairy-tale).

As children, we are brought up with illusions of how the world actually is, and then when we grow up we realise that it is completely the opposite. Now, even if the tooth fairy and Santa is a silly example they are a prime example of disappointment when we find out the truth. I could not be the only one that felt lied to when I found out the truth. Do not forget the certain subjects like science content we learned. Coming up to sixth form we all realise that what we were taught to Key stage 4 was probably a lie.

Adults tell adolescents to grow up, but personally I find this so difficult to do. it is like a full time job sometimes. you do not have full responsibility but then you can not behave in a childhood manner as you would be looked down on. It seems as if nothing we do is right. Am I correct? Yes. Yes I am.

Please. If you are reading this remember that we need to be unique. I love having my quirks and so should you. Society is screwed up. Who cares about body goals, thigh gaps, sexuality, religion, relationships, education or success if you are not truly in peace and harmony with yourself. DO NOT let others tell you what should make you happy. Trust me. I have lived my hell and I am fed up making myself hate the things I did to fit in. In reality I never fit in because perfection is different for everyone.

There is one rule in life which is: live each day as it were the last one. That is it.

Live. Have fun and success will find you. Just NEVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELVES.


Living a double life

What can I say? That I live like the celebrities we all admire through our screens on a daily basis.

No. This is so much more than that. Through admiration of others, I lost myself at a very young age. I lost my path and the sense of living in this world.

I began to be 2 people at once. The people everyone expects me to be and the expectation of what I have of myself. Please tell me I am not crazy. Seeing everyone happy makes me anxious. How has someone so happy become so miserable but talented enough to mask it. It doesn’t make sense.

I didn’t come on here to pity myself, but actually to tell everyone that being imperfect is OK. Being yourself is the most important thing. Cherish and learn to love yourself because all the enemies around you are nothing in comparison of what you can do to yourself. The real enemy can be you. In contrast the actual medication can be to listen to yourself.

Years after making myself hate the way I look, only today I have accepted the fact that being imperfect is OK. Nobody is perfect. The world isn’t perfect. So, celebrities are not perfect. It agonizes me to see people treat themselves badly and others around them.

Be your own hero and role model.